It was a delight to lead Myths and Fairytales workshops today at Sandbach and Middlewich Libraries as part of the Summer Reading Mythical Maze challenge 2014.

Both sessions were well attended, and it was lovely to see some familiar faces from the primary schools I work in!

After an initial warm-up activity involving a pair of socks, a lot of thinking hats and a lively discussion about what characters, creatures, places and objects we might encounter in a fairy story, the children got stuck into writing fairy tales of their own.

Sharing our Fairy Stories at Middlewich Library

Imaginations were in full working order as the children created their stories. They were free to choose how to express their ideas. They chose from a range of arts and writing materials and used them to craft characters, draw settings, colour in illustrations and plan and write their stories.

By the end of the sessions the children had each come up with an exciting story. These included pirate ships sailing to The Land of Ghosts, a fantasy world split into The Land of Darkness and The Land of Light, a witch living in a house of sweets, a mysterious box making children disappear, a little girl living on Seashell Island and discovering a beautiful Snow Flake Fairy living in her wardrobe, and an exciting story set in the world of Minecraft!

Well done to all the children who took part in the sessions. I really hope you enjoyed yourselves and it was a pleasure to meet you all!