An adventure story planned by a Write Now workshop regular, age 8.

A year 3 pupil who is full of ideas became engrossed in playing with these words. They read out the words they’d selected, adding line breaks as they read. It took on the feel of a poem and we talked about how it can be fun to use words as a way to create interesting sounds and intriguing word combinations. The group responded by recalling word combinations they’d liked, such as ‘worship winter’ and ‘blood vision’.

‘Grimy Tales’ planned by two Year 4 pupils, using a photo and a visualisation activity as a prompt.

A scribed story plan for a year 6 pupil, based on a still from ‘Jason and the Argonauts’!

A mindmap created during a group discussion about how to create great characters, thinking about characters we remembered from stories, films and TV and why they were memorable to us.

Character mindmap!

Preparing for Alien Invasion!

Escaping the aliens!

A Write Now group creating a Christmas themed play, ‘The Stowaway Elves’.

Working on Christmas stories.

Playing with words!

A year 3 pupil created a story board and then told the Write Now group his story, using his plan as a prompt.

A character and story group planning sheet waiting to be filled up with ideas!

‘The Angelic Sea’ by a Year 6 pupil.

Reflecting on what we have learnt about creative writing!

An activity where the children imagined what it would be like to be something other than a human being. They wrote as though they were rocks in the ocean, the oars of a boat, a racing car, a lightbulb, a camp fire…